The Wines

Winemaking / Production Process

The production of wines at Quinta da Casa Amarela follows a careful producing system where qualitative concerns prevail.

The grapes after a careful selection, are vinified in granite presses with foot treading. When fermentation begins, so does an intense maceration work, aimed at extracting the maximum from the grape skins during the time fermentation lasts. The presses have a refrigeration system so that fermentation can take place under temperature control.

In terms of the white grapes, vinification is carried out in stainless steel vats also with controlled temperature.

Both the red and white wines DOC Douro mature through different time lengths in new French oak barrels, while the Port wines, according to their category, remain in stainless steel or wood vats according to the guidelines of the oenology department.

The commercialization is done both in the national market and in the external markets, always positioning them within the quality segment that is recognized for them.

Diversified portfolio where quality is always present either in Rosé, White or Red wines.

Technical sheets with tasting notes are available for consultation and they will allow you to enter our world of wines.